Investment in overseas real estate.
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Investment in overseas real estate.
Purchase and seminar information site egypt-realestate
Investment in overseas real estate.
Purchase and seminar information site egypt-realestate

Tonino Lamborghini Residence New Capital

    Price: $99,416 (Reference price)
    Exchange rate: * Calculated at an exchange rate of 30.90
    Property prices are denominated in the local currency, so USD is a reference price.
    Prices may fluctuate due to exchange rate fluctuations, so please contact us for details.
    Interest Rate: 10% or more
    Country: Egypt
    Property Type: Apartment
2bedroom (115㎡〜) 3,072,000EGP〜(99,416USD〜)
3bedroom (165㎡〜) 4,592,000EGP〜(148,606USD〜)
4bedroom (187㎡〜) 4,615,000EGP〜(149,351USD〜)
Person in charge comment

■ Project Information

Location: R7, New Administrative Capital
Property type: Residence
No of floors: 7
Completion and delivery year : 2025〜2026
*Varies depending on contract period.

■ Project overview

Lamborghini, famous as a luxury supercar, develops
“Tonino Lamborghini Residence”.

Lamborghini is developing not only cars, but also hotels, luxury residences, cafe restaurants, and more in Dubai, Bangkok and other countries.
As one of the new projects by Lamborghini, this luxury project is being developed in the New Capital.

Lamborghini sells cars that exceed 100 millions of money if they are sold by limited number,
so It is surprising that this project, which is located in a very good location in the New Capital, can be purchased at this price!

The size of the properties in this project is also quite large;
all are over 100m².
This is peculiar to Egypt.
Other than this project, it is common for residence projects to be quite large in terms of the area.

And the amazing thing about this project is that it is sold with interiors and furniture, and it is all installed under the Tonino Lamborghini brand at this price.

Payment method:
・Lump-sum payment 25% discount
・Installments up to 9 years

Lamborghini handles everything from the design of the project to the interiors and furniture.
From the exterior design of the project to the interiors and furniture, there is a “bullfighting emblem” that can be said to be a symbol of Lamborghini here and there.

*The design is an image, subject to change.

■ Egypt’s real estate market and economic situation

One of the attractions of investing in the Egyptian real estate market is the low price.
Stable demand for rental properties and an increase in rental income are also expected, supported by strong domestic demand due to population growth.

In anticipation of Cairo’s population explosion and future economic growth,
the Egyptian government announced plans to relocate to the New Capital.

Currently, construction is progressing on a massive area, and projects under development there are put up for sale all at once.

Especially the “R7” area; which is a luxury residential area in the center of the New Capital.
It will open in stages from 2023.
“R7” is an area not to be overlooked by investors as it can be expected to increase asset value in the future.

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